Monday, September 28, 2015

Quote of the Day by Truman Capote

Do you agree with the quote by Capote?

Why or why not?

It's not that the writer wrote it, the writer had to write it, otherwise it's not the character, but the writer. 
Think like God. He was nice enough to give us free will. And we screwed it up. But it's still our story. 
You are their creator. You love all your characters even the baddies because they're yours. But they still have their own lives. And you must see them through every choice they make cuz you put life into them, and then you set them free. 

Some don't even know you exist, some hate you, some love you, a couple will attempt to kill you by killing other characters. 

It's their story. You're just along for the journey...

...with occasional divine interventions along the way. 

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